We have a team of lawyers with specialist knowledge on:

Bilt. Housing, Care & Education specializes in advising housing corporations, care centers and educational institutions concerning housing, care or education, real estate issues, and related matters. We combine our specialized knowledge and experience on real estate and have a profound knowledge of sector specific law and regulations applying to housing corporations, care centers and educational institutions. This enables us to have a ‘hands on’ and practical approach when advising on all aspects dealing with development, realization, real estate management, and collaborations.

We advise, for example, housing corporations and care centers on collaborations within residential care centers and separating residential and care aspect within these collaborations. We also advise housing corporations and educational institutions on collaborations concerning multifunctional centers or community schools.

You are welcome to contact us at Bilt. Real Estate Lawyers (Bilt. Vastgoed Advocaten): real estate specialists and Bilt. Company Law (Bilt. Ondernemingsrecht): a niche firm specialized in company law.